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Managing crop load in deciduous trees (part 2)

Why is early crop load management so important?The natural fruit drop observed in fruit trees, particularly apples, in early summer is insufficient to achieve optimum crop loads, fruit size and quality, or to prevent biennial bearing.
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Control apple & cherry bud-break & flowering

Application of Waiken gives apple and cherry growers greater control over bud break, flowering and time of maturity. Depending on when it is applied, it can be used to bring forward, or to delay bud-break.
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Nectarine colour development & quality (part 2)

Observations: Fruit size was not affected by light exposure or tree side, only by the number of fruits, with the low crop load showing the bigger fruit, as expected.Blush colour was affected differently by the light exposure and tree side.

Managing crop load in deciduous trees

Irregularity in cropping is a major economic constraint in many fruit tree orchards. Understanding the mechanisms involved in flowering and fruit set can help orchardists to manage crop loads, resulting in improved yields, fruit quality and returns.
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Water vs pear crop (part 6)

In addition to the strategies outlined in this article, conversion to drip irrigation offers an opportunity to reduce water consumption.

Maintaining cherry quality after harvest (part 9)

Sorting, packing and transporting cherries: Storability & flavour, cooling and transport

Nectarine colour development & quality

Consumers prefer highly coloured fruit. Consequently, retailers require minimum percentages of blush on fruit as delivery standards. Modern stone fruit cultivars are bred to have a high percentage of their surface naturally coloured. However, there can be substantial variability in colouring within the canopy, mostly due to shading—which can be…

Cherry growing & the COVID-19 procedures

It is difficult enough growing cherries while coping with Nature's negative aspects of weather, without the added impact of living with a pandemic.
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Water vs pear crop (part 5)

The following are recommendations to park trees and minimise irrigation:

Water vs pear crop (part 4)

The aim of parking trees is to sacrifice the crop and apply the minimum amount of irrigation so that trees survive and return to full production the following year.

Maintaining cherry quality after harvest (part 7)

There are three types of damage to cherries caused by vibration, impact and compression.