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Improving sweet cherry fruit quality—the cold chain (part 5)

Generally, the fruit from the totes will travel through an alternate cluster cutter. This cluster cutter belt will be running at a slower speed to the conventional line as it has been shown to reduce damage.

Improving sweet cherry fruit quality—the cold chain (part 4)

Research has shown that decreasing the water drop height in shower-type hydrocoolers can significantly reduce the incidence of pitting damage in cherries.

Observe cherry trees & act quickly

Cherry growers are spending a lot of time and effort managing issues to do with Covid-19 and dealing with labour shortages—that is why it is so important not to forget about the orchard.
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Cherry blossom looks good for this season

Despite learning to live with changes in protocols brought about by dealing with COVID-19 in a horticultural workplace, and the connected ramifications and implications taking place for the second season in a row, Nature does not stop or slow down—cherry trees are blossoming strongly, now.
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Improving sweet cherry fruit quality—the cold chain (part 3)

While harvested cherries are held in a loading area prior to transport, a hydrocooler will most likely be utilised to remove field heat.

Plan ahead this cherry season (& include Covid-19)

With cherry blossom soon to start popping, it is time to identify issues that have not yet been addressed and to act on them. And as soon as fruit set is clear, assess the crop potential and ensure that you order enough supplies of cartons, nutrient and other sprays etc.
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Improving sweet cherry fruit quality—handling cherries at harvest (part 2)

Since cherry harvest timing occurs at a ripening stage where respiration is high, fruit deterioration begins almost immediately from the point of removal from the tree.

Heatwave hits US cherry growers

Heatwaves in north-west USA and in British Columbia, Canada have affected this year's cherry crop.
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Improving sweet cherry fruit quality - handling at harvest

Despite growing techniques differing from orchard to orchard, harvesting generally follows a consistent model across most global commercial cherry production.

Benefit by mulching along the tree line

After all the weed strips have been sprayed, cultivated or controlled (at least for now), think about adding mulch or organic matter to the tree line.
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Review your cherry season

It's time to review what happened last season in order to implement management practices that will improve crop load, fruit quality and pack-out this season.
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Adapt to changing cherry seasons

Flowering cherry blossom in Japan heralds the beginning of spring and celebrations that go back centuries. Flowering cherries in Kyoto normally blossom during April; this season the bloom peaked prior to the end of March—the earliest for 1200 years.
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