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Protect your crop with Drape Net®

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Spring and summer storms are fast approaching and it would be well worth your while to have a chat about protecting your crop this year and well into the future with Drape Net.

Drape Net—10 years protecting tree crops

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Drape Net has been protecting Australian tree crops from hail, sunburn, water retention, birds & bats, wind, anti–bee on citrus, and other insects like fruit fly for over 10 years.

InSeason Ag—netting specialists

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InSeason Ag is a premium producer and supplier of agricultural films and fabrics.

It’s a fact, Drape Net helps your mental health

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Picture this: You go home after a hard days work, have a quick dinner and a shower, kiss your partner goodnight then leave on the 4-wheeler for a nearby block and a tent, and settle in for an early evening's entertainment of bird chasing; then get up before sunrise for…

Proven physical barrier to birds & bats

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Drape Net is a proven physical barrier that stops birds and bats attacking your trees and crops.

Cut out the ‘middle men’ with Drape Net

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 We all are looking at ways to tighten the proverbial belt, and once set up and running with Drape Net, you can.

Cut evaporation losses by 85%

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  Given that over much of the area of Australia, evaporation rates are higher than precipitation rates, a solution to conserve water in storage areas and channels must be high priority.

Drape Net quiz time!

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  In the picture above, which apples were covered by Drape Net? Answer -  ‘A’What costs a fraction of the price of structured net? Answer - Drape NetWhich netting system has outperformed structured net in Australia in the last 10 years in extreme hail events? Answer - Drape NetWhich netting system can…

Proven protection, again

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According to local growers, Drape Net saved between 3000 and 4000 bins of fruit following a localised hail storm in Orange, NSW last November.

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