Grader technologies maximize productivity

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Ceravolo Orchards are a family run business who take immense pride in the quality of their produce.

Cherry line: fast, intelligent

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BBC Technologies offers cherry packers a full turnkey line that combines speed and versatility with intelligent traceability to maximize the potential of their facility.

Innovative perforated bag & compostable liner from Peakfresh

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Peakfresh recently released two new products that are set to revolutionise packaging for fresh produce.

Improve packhouse productivity using virtual fruit

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Compac, part of TOMRA Food, has launched the Sizer Simulator, a unique simulation tool that enables packhouses to upskill operators and prepare for incoming fresh produce.

KW Automation weight graders

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KW Automation is a family owned Australian company located on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. It is led by Michael Weisenberger, a second-generation horticultural automation innovator.

Compac's new 'Sizer Simulator'

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Compac has launched the Sizer Simulator, a unique simulation tool which enables fruit and vegetable packhouses to upskill operators and prepare for incoming fresh produce batches.

Visy launches fibre fruit punnet

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Echoing consumer and public sentiment for less packaging waste and more responsible sourcing, the Visy Fibre Fruit Punnet is a package solution for apples, pears, stone fruit, bananas and tomatoes.

Electronic hand labellers & automatic labelling machines

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G.J. Dix & Sons Pty Ltd (Dix Engineering) is based in Renmark South Australia and has worked with the agriculture industries for many years. Dix Engineering’s capabilities are a result of investing in resources, rewarding and training personnel appropriately, committing to project timelines and completing tasks to a high standard…

Compac technology

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Combining data from our world leading external and internal grading platforms, Spectrim and Inspectra respectively, customers can ensure a high quality and safe product for the consumer at the lowest cost-per-pack.

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