Peach leaf curl

Peach leaf curl is favoured by a cool and wet spring around budswell followed by warm, humid conditions, which bring about rapid growth.

Bacterial spot

While bacterial spot is more common on susceptible varieties grown in coastal areas, it is also becoming a problem in inland production areas.

New Ecocarb PLUS—organic dual-action broad spectrum fungicide

Organic Crop Protectants is thrilled to reveal their very latest innovation in plant protection, an organically certified solution for a range of fungal problems. Ecocarb PLUS is a new dual action fungicide combining the curative powers of potassium bicarbonate with the protective and systemic barrier properties of potassium silicate.

Manage shot hole and internal cork

Wet conditions in late winter to early spring can activate shot hole spores that have remained dormant in bud scales and twig lesions during the previous season.

Winter orchard hygiene key to reducing disease

Powdery mildew outbreaks are most likely to occur in spring and early summer and again in autumn if new growth occurs. Rust is favoured by warm weather with periods of rain and heavy dews.

Grochem—changing the face of Myclobutanil

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Grochem Australia is proud to introduce the first unique WG formulation of Myclobutanil.

Beat blossom blast, leaf spotting & bacterial canker

Bacterial blossom blast & leaf spotting—Pseudomonas syringae pv syringae (Pss) occurs naturally on a wide range of plant species.

Pre-emptive strike against woolly aphid & apple/pear scab

For apple or pear scab to occur, the leaves or fruit must remain wet over a long enough period to allow germination of the fungal spores that cause the disease.

Crown gall—only one chance in 15 years to control this disease

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One chance in 15 years because it's only at planting that crown gall can be controlled.

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