Crown gall—only one chance in 15 years to control this disease

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One chance in 15 years because it's only at planting that crown gall can be controlled.

Effects of fungicidal compounds on phytophagous mites

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Fungicides, herbicides and insecticides are all pesticides used in plant protection.

Keep Phytophthora out of your orchard (part 3)

Collar rot and crown rot of apple trees, and trunk rot of stone-fruit trees (but rarely pear trees) are caused by the fungus Phytophthora. They are among the most serious soil-borne diseases in the world. Diseased trees are mostly found where soil type, topography, climate, and/or irrigation have contributed to…

Keep Phytophthora out of your orchard (part 2)

Phytophthora trunk rot most often attacks peach and apricot trees, but sometimes also nectarine, plum and cherry trees.

Keep Phytophthora out of your orchard

Collar rot and crown rot of apple trees, and trunk rot of stone-fruit trees (but rarely pear trees) are caused by the fungus Phytophthora.

Fight blackspot, leaf curl & blossom blight with new Grochem Dodine

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  Grochem Australia will be introducing Grochem Dodine into the market this year.

Now easier to send Vic apples & pears to WA

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An operational procedure: Drench or Immersion Treatment for Quarantine (PS-40) written by the WA Government stated that only certain chemicals could be used by Victorian apple and pear growers wishing to send produce to WA.

Black spot & its management (part2)

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In order to make decisions on spraying and giving priority to different blocks of fruit, it is very important to check spray history for each block and consider the kick back period for fungicides. A variety of fungicide sprays with differing modes of action are available for this disease. When…

Diseases under control in challenging season

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Disease has been kept under control at the Geoffrey Thompson Orchards in the Shepparton and Harcourt regions of Victoria in a challenging season of very wet, spring conditions.General Manager, Brent Reeve, said the company had 730 hectares of apples and pears covering both regions and were committed to producing a…

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