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Understand fruit trees: new orchard manual that enriches grower knowledge

Unfortunately the answers to many questions about why and how fruit trees grow and produce fruit are found in scientific journals. These are not written for orchardists.
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80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 7)

Solution found in systems research: Close planting, tree arrangement, a support structure and an emphasis on tree training, provided those solutions.

Avoid these mistakes when planting fruit trees

Don’t let the roots of your fruit trees dry out between lifting from the nursery and planting.
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Control bud-break & flowering with Waiken®

Depending on when Waiken is applied, it can be used to bring forward, or to delay bud-break.
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New orchard manual: 'Understand fruit trees' provides foundation to make informed management decisions

When you work with fruit trees, questions about them always arise, for example: What takes place inside the tree once you have planted it? How and where does the tree get its food and energy from to grow and produce fruit?
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80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 6)

In the 1970s, the industry was facing a difficult time with increasing costs, returns for fruit rising slowly, and uncertain markets.

Cherry growers should plan for drier conditions

The outlook for this winter and spring is that it will be 60–70% drier than average.
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Waiken® for greater control of bud-break & flowering

Application of Waiken gives apple and cherry growers greater control over bud break, flowering and time of maturity.
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Parka supplements a plant's cuticle

Parka is specifically developed as a phospholipid based, hydrophobic, permeable, and elastic coating that mimics and supplements the plants natural cuticle.
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80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 5)

Research on fruit trees began at Tatura 80 years ago. In this article we look at the 'Golden Era', 1973 to 1983—a decade of achievements.

Cherry: pruning and chill hours

Indications are that most cherry growing regions produced a good crop this season.
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80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 4)

By 1946 the peach and pear trees at the Station were well established and were full-bearing.