Innovative research: vibrational mating disruption

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While mating disruption has been a corner stone of IPM in pome and stone fruit orchards for many years, this work is an advanced and innovative approach to mating disruption, and a new direction for IPM.

Pheromones: identification & use in agriculture (part3)

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How pheromone mating disruption works: In nature, female moths release pheromone perfumes to attract males for mating.

IPM/Organic growers manage CM & OFM with Grandex

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IPM–focused apple and pear growers, and organic producers will be happy to hear that Grandex Granulosis virus is in reseller fridges as a biological control tool for the management of not just Codling Moth (CM) but also Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM).

Appreciating extrafloral nectaries (part 2)

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We have discussed ants affecting plants negatively one way or another: taking nectar from flowers but failing to fertilise the plant; farming scale-insects and aphids, and defending them from their predators.Ants, however, also have a mutualistic relationship with plants.

Pheromones: identification & use in agriculture (part2)

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How pheromones are identified (continued from last issue)

Appreciating extrafloral nectaries

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Many plants (for example cherry), have nectar–secreting plant glands that develop outside flowers and are not involved in pollination. These glands are called extrafloral nectaries or EFN.

Pheromones: identification & use in agriculture

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What are pheromones?Pheromones are natural volatile chemicals used by an organism to communicate with others of the same species.

Grochem launch Peregrine insecticide

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Peregrine is a group 18 insecticide, the active is Methoxyfenozide which belongs to the Diacylhydrazine class of insecticides and has a novel mode of action.

Another nasty: Oriental fruit fly (part 4)

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In many ways, the methods used to control of OFF are similar to the methods used for Q fly.

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