Winning the fruit fly battle in Gympie

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Three years ago, Mick and Kylie Carr purchased a persimmon orchard next to their grazing property Bunya Grove Produce near Gympie. They were looking for more land to run their cattle. The mature orchard had 11,000 trees on 16 hectares, a packing shed and a local workforce for harvest time.…

Manage insecticide resistance

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Repeated use of the same class of pesticides can cause undesirable changes in the gene pool of a pest, leading to another form of artificial selection—pesticide resistance.

Mite management in orchards (part 5)

To get good mite control: Plan your potential spray program around pesticides that have minimal impact on biological control agents.

Grochem has your pome and stone fruit covered

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Grochem product highlights: Peregrine, Garrison Rapid, Grochem Dodine, Bee Scent (plus Stamina, Pearl).

Mite management in orchards (part 4)

Pest monitoring: A survey of growers, in all Victorian production areas, demonstrated that more than 92% of growers used pest monitoring to inform their spraying decisions and 57% used consultants for advice on pest management based on their monitoring results.

Mite management in orchards (part 3)

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Bryobia mites are brownish, flattened mites with very long front legs.

Using perfumes for control of Heliothis and related moth pests (part 3)

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Pheromones are a special kind of perfume. The most well known are those produced by female moths to attract males. Pheromones can work well as control agents against small moths where mated females don’t fly too far.

Mite management in orchards (part 2)

European red mite (ERM) is a dark red mite about the same size as TSM.

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