Codling moth

The codling moth is favoured by warm, dry growing conditions between spring and autumn. Eggs are laid around dusk when the temperature is 16C or higher and the air is calm.

Oriental fruit moth

Warm, moist conditions that favour tree growth and brown rot also favour the oriental fruit moth (OFM).

Grochem expands pheromone range

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Specialty crop protection supplier, Grochem Australia, has expanded its range of pheromone and trapping products to help horticultural growers manage insect pests.

Winning the battle against Qld fruit fly

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Mick and Kylie Carr purchased a 16 ha persimmon orchard next to their grazing property. It looked like a promising operation that would complement their grazing activities.

Green peach aphid

Outbreaks of the green peach aphid in spring are usually associated with good growing conditions.

Apple dimpling bug

The main danger posed by the apple dimpling bug occurs between early pink and petal fall.

Winning the fruit fly battle in Gympie

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Three years ago, Mick and Kylie Carr purchased a persimmon orchard next to their grazing property Bunya Grove Produce near Gympie. They were looking for more land to run their cattle. The mature orchard had 11,000 trees on 16 hectares, a packing shed and a local workforce for harvest time.…

Manage insecticide resistance

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Repeated use of the same class of pesticides can cause undesirable changes in the gene pool of a pest, leading to another form of artificial selection—pesticide resistance.

Mite management in orchards (part 5)

To get good mite control: Plan your potential spray program around pesticides that have minimal impact on biological control agents.

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