The wonder of biological control (part 3)

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The search began to find a species that could control the scale insect on Christmas Island—and we found it—a tiny wasp known as Tachardiaephagus somervillei, which attacks the yellow lac scale insect in its native South-East Asia.  (continued from last month)

The red necked longicorn beetle (part 2)

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Control of Red necked longicorn (continued)

Helicovex®: most concentrated Heliothis NPV product

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  Helicovex® is a highly concentrated SC formulation of more than 7.5x1012 PIB/litre Helicoverpa armigera Nucleopolyhedrovirus (HearNPV), making it the most concentrated Heliothis NPV product on the market.

The wonder of biological control (part 2)

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Parks Australia has been trying lots of different methods to control yellow crazy ants.

The red necked longicorn beetle

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The red necked longicorn (Aromia bungii) is a major pest of peach, plum and cherry trees in China, Mongolia and Korea.

Biological insecticide for codling & Oriental fruit moth in pome & stone fruit

  IPM–focused apple and pear growers, and organic producers are aware that Organic Crop Protectants' product, Grandex Granulosis virus is a biological control tool for the management of Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth.

The wonder of biological control

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Links in an ecosystem are amazing, and a fundamental approach in IPM is to tackle the weakest link.

Manage fruit fly with Fruition

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With Queensland fruit fly already on the move in warmer growing areas, AgNova Technologies is reminding growers about its innovative Fruition Traps which were successfully launched last year.

Grandex for biological control of Codling moth & Oriental fruit moth

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IPM–focused apple and pear growers, and organic producers will be happy to hear that Grandex Granulosis virus is in reseller fridges as a biological control tool for the management of not just Codling Moth but also Oriental Fruit Moth.

NZ research: IFP as good as organic for biodiversity

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A study by New Zealand Plant & Food Research scientists shows that Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) can work just as well as organic growing methods for biodiversity.

OCP's innovative products for Aussie growers

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  Over the past couple of decades OCP have been developing—and APVMA registering—a range of low risk pesticides that meet the needs of both IPDM focused conventional and organic growers.

SST: a key solutions provider for hort industries

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SST is a key solutions provider for the agricultural and horticultural industries.

'Fishing' for codling moth

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For the past decade, researchers led by James Miller, Ph.D., at Michigan State University (MSU) have been refining our understanding of how insects move and interact with pheromone traps.

Spiders: key predators (part 2)

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If you practice IPM, what better ally is there than this group of predators?

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