Carpophilus beetle

Carpophilus can cause significant damage to fruit, both on the tree and postharvest, especially when temperatures exceed 20C after wet weather and when the fruit is ripening.

Cherry aphid

Adult cherry aphids are dark coloured and approximately 2 mm in size. The adult population consists of winged and wingless individuals.

Budworms (Heliothis)

Helicoverpa species (commonly known as budworms) can cause substantial crop damage and are becoming more common across all Australian growing regions. The moth larvae can cause extensive feeding damage and also create entry points for secondary pests and diseases.

Calculating degree days for moth pests

Temperature is a key driver of insect development. Degree days (DD) is a measure of temperature over time and it is used to predict the timing of life stages of certain insect pests.A degree day model counts the total time that temperature is above the minimum required for the pest…

Entrust® Organic—naturally derived, highly effective, fast-acting

In 1982 a research scientist discovered a unique soil bacterium that produces active metabolites (spinosyns) that gave excellent control of certain insect pests. Years of development and exhaustive testing followed, culminating in the release of Entrust® Organic, a product characterised by its efficacy equivalent to synthetic insecticides, but with the…
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Pome & stone fruit growers benefit from new insecticide

Vayego® 200 SC is a new tool for pome and stone fruit growers to control key pests such as codling moth, carpophilus beetle, apple weevil and Mediterranean fruit fly.With a brand-new registration, Vayego® 200 SC insecticide from Bayer is now available to pome and stone fruit growers.
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Vayego® 200 SC insecticide for pome and stone fruit

A new tool for pome fruit, stone fruit, almond and macadamia growers to control key pests such as codling moth, carpophilus beetle, apple weevil and Mediterranean fruit fly.
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Spray failure: why it happens and how to avoid it

A critical aspect of growing any crop is providing protection from damaging pests and diseases which can have a detrimental effect on crop yield and quality. In this regard, pesticides play an important role. However, what happens when you apply a pesticide and it does not solve the problem?
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New fall armyworm trap from Grochem

Growers and their advisers have a new weapon in the fight against fall armyworm, now that the APVMA has granted an emergency permit for the use of a pheromone trap and DDVP cubes to monitor for the pest.Grochem Australia can supply the trapping system in accordance with the APVMA permit,…
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San José scale

San José scale is an extremely important pest of pome and stone fruit. It is a sucking insect that injects a toxin into the plant as it feeds, causing localised discolouration.

Beware of exotic pests

There have been some close calls recently in regard to the entry of exotic pests that could have adversely affected the cherry industry in Australia.
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European red mite

European red mite (ERM) is a serious foliage pest of apples and pears.