Prepare trees & crops for the hot weather

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BOM recently updated its seasonal outlooks to reflect the El Nino conditions and as a consequence its effect on temperature and rainfall patterns across Australia. Two of the worrying weather map forecasts show the chance of temperatures exceeding median maximums up into the 80% range across a majority of our…

Protect your crop this summer with Surround

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A combination of high temperatures and high levels of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light can culminate in sunburn damage and heat stress to plants. However, timely applications of Surround reduces sunburn and heat stress damage, when used as per the product label.

Protect your crop from another hot summer

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Another hot summer is on the way. Be ready with Surround.With record temperatures and high ultraviolet radiation last summer causing damage and losses in valuable horticultural crops, it’s time to start preparing for the coming onslaught of hot weather.

Dynamic duo for sun damage protection

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Growers who target productivity, improved fruit sizing and finish, have found the combination of Screen Duo and Photon 500SG to be the ideal program over the summer months.

Surround© for maximum sun protection

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Another hot summer is on its way. Be ready with Surround.

Rely on the dynamic DUO for sunburn protection

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“The establishment of Screen Duo and Photon 500SG as frontline management tools has been a game changer for tree fruit growers in recent years,” said Jim Lyons of Sipcam.

Apply Surround© early for maximum sun protection

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Another hot summer is on its way. Be ready with Surround.

Feeling the heat? Reach for Surround

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It sure has been a blistering beginning to 2018, with the country experiencing its third-warmest January on record and some locations registering their highest ever January temperatures.

Extreme heat set to continue

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  The New Year is off to a scorching start. January 2018 has already seen very high temperatures around the majority of the country.

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