Crop/Growth management

Water vs pear crop (part 2)

Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) has been established as an effective technique to control vigour and maintain yield, with the added benefit of lower water use, and is also discussed.

Cherry season mixed results

As the cherry season approaches the final few weeks of harvest, it is becoming clear that although some growers in some regions were affected by localized adverse weather conditions, on the whole, nationally, cherry growers have harvested a good crop with few losses.
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80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 14)

After 1979 adoption of the Tatura Trellis accelerated in Australia and overseas.

Water vs pear crop

Horticulture production in a changing climate faces the prospect of continued severe water shortages at regular intervals.

Harvista™—helps manage apple harvest

Harvista from AgroFresh Solutions Inc. is a near-harvest technology that slows the natural ripening process, giving fruit more time on the tree to improve in size and colour.
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Maintaining cherry quality after harvest (part 4)

Cherries are highly perishable because of their high respiration rate. When cherries are picked from the tree they are removed from their life support system and senescence begins.

80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 13)

Tatura Trellis - More than a tree training system. It has been reported from the USA that V-systems are most useful where strong winds are a problem.

Water vs apple crop (part 3)

Irrigation water supply can often be less than crop water requirement during a drought—this leads to tree water stress and subsequent loss in fruit size and yield in apple orchards.

80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 12)

National and international recognition: The Productivity Promotion Council of Australia presented team members with an award for their contribution to efficient fruit production, and an award for a method of producing peach trees from cuttings to enable orchardists to grow their own peach trees quickly and cheaply.

Maintaining cherry quality after harvest (part 3)

A cherry is not an apple: Effects of water - The sensitivity of these skin cells to changes in the weather is further made apparent when the cherry is exposed to water.

Water vs apple crop (part 2)

Fruit thinning strategies: The combination of heavy thinning and water deficits is a strategy that can be employed during water restrictions.