Katabatic drift & frost management

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Frost Fans work best during radiation frosts when there is a strong inversion layer of warmer air. Radiation frosts are characterized by clear skies, calm conditions and daytime temperatures above 0C.

Orchard-Rite two & 3-blade frost fans

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Orchard-Rite, the industry leader in crop frost protection offers two and three-blade model frost fans.

Tow & Blow frost fans prevent loss from frost

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When a frost occurs, the air close to the ground can become increasingly colder eventually causing the moisture within the air to freeze.

New Zealand Frost Fans appoints new CEO

New Zealand Frost Fans announced that Andrew Priest has been appointed new CEO of the company. An experienced business leader, Andrew will succeed Steve Haslett and assume responsibilities in June.

Monitoring hardware now included with Frost Fans

Australian Frost Fans is the sister business to New Zealand Frost Fans, which manufactures the FrostBoss® range of frost fans at their factory in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The FrostBoss® C49 (4-blade machine) is the best-selling machine in Australasia.

Prepare as climate change brings more spring frosts

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A common theme of climate change is the greater number of spring frosts challenging growers in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Whilst average temperatures are rising, there are greater extremes in terms of hot and cold events.