Herbicide use, trunk cankers & tree damage (part 2)

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Attack by opportunistic pathogens

Long term weed control is back

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It’s back to the future in orchard weed control this season as growers return to residual herbicides to control weeds.

Herbicide use, trunk cankers & tree damage

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Glyphosate is one of the most highly used herbicides in the world because it is economical, easy to use, broad-spectrum, and kills quickly.

Residual herbicides save time

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Many growers struggle to complete jobs in time. Weather conditions also delay many jobs. So what can help this situation?

Pre-emergent/residual herbicides

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Pre-emergent herbicides are a useful tool for combating weeds. They are generally applied before the spring break—before the new weeds germinate.

Smarter herbicide programs

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Repeat applications of glyphosate or paraquat in orchards have allowed tolerant species to escape and multiply. It is now the perfect time to re-introduce a residual herbicide into your integrated weed control program.

Handling glyphosate–resistance

Annual ryegrass resistance to glyphosate herbicide has been documented in four NSW orchards and one in SA.

Pre-emergent herbicides

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Pre-emergent herbicides are a useful tool for combating weeds and depending on the application rate, can control weeds for up to six months.

Residual herbicides in integrated programs

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Two residual herbicides, Sinbar and Zoliar, have been enjoying renewed popularity keeping orchards cleaner for longer. Residual herbicides cost more up front but can replace up to six applications of knockdown herbicides. This means an overall saving in labour and herbicide costs. Residual herbicides work best being applied to bare…

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