Humates - a biological wonder

Humic acid is the most powerful and beneficial input in agriculture and yet there are still many growers around the world who are yet to discover this biological wonder.

Importance of soil organic matter (part 2)

Organic matter and supply of nutrients: There is a significant correlation between the percent organic matter in soil and soil fertility.

Importance of soil organic matter

Organic matter makes up only a small part of a soil (at best 5%), yet the organic matter packs a mighty punch in the orchard.
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Six steps to prepare soil before planting (part 2)

STEP 3. Apply lime, gypsum and phosphorus (if necessary), and rip and cultivate the soil (continued) Why do some soils need lime?
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Six steps to prepare soil before planting

Establishing a high-density orchard is costly. You must do it right the first time.
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Weed mulch plus gypsum for top soil

For high yields of fruit of good quality, you need to fill the surface soil with feeder roots of your trees.

Soil organic matter (part 3)

 Amount of organic matter in soil (continued from last month)
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Soil organic matter (part 2)

 What is soil organic matter and where does it come from? (continued from last month)
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Eco-flo soil improvers

 To get the results you are after, insist on using the best.

Soil organic matter

Although organic matter is important in soil, orchardists usually don’t think much about it.
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Root value of cover crops

After a very long and hot summer - where early in the season Western Flower Thrip was a real issue affecting fruit skin finish, and Two Spotted Mite was a huge problem throughout the season - there has been a lot of interest in cover crops to protect the soil…
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