Parka suppresses rain cracking, improves fruit quality

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  Research has demonstrated that the plant cuticle plays a significant role in overall crop health and quality.

Cherry cracking still a challenge (part 2)

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Theoretical water balance model

Cherry cracking still a challenge

Cracking of sweet cherry fruit is a complex phenomenon.

Parka supplements plant cuticle for growing protection

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In recent years, agricultural research has demonstrated that the plant cuticle plays a significant role in overall crop health and quality. It has become clear that the physiological role of the cuticle extends well beyond its primary function as a transpiration barrier, playing important roles in processes ranging from development…

Rain protection for cherries

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Parka+™ is a cuticle supplement that has been developed for cherries and is based on Cultiva’s SureSeal technology.

Reducing the impact of late season rainfall in cherries

Substantial advances have been made in understanding the underlying mechanisms involved in fruit cracking in recent years. Management strategies to lessen the impact of rainfall late in the growing season have been developed and validated.

Reduce cherry cracking & improve quality with Parka+

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Cherry cracking can be devastating. The day before harvest everything looks beautiful; then it rains and the entire crop can be ruined.

Apply Crackguard to minimise cherry cracking

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Fruit splitting or 'cracking' results in significant economic loss to cherry producers around the world.

Revolutionary rain protection for cherries

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Keep the rain out and the quality in—it only takes two applications of new Parka™ to protect your cherries from cracking.

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