Pear on Open Tatura

This manual outlines how best to manage pear trees on Open Tatura, and get the outcomes in terms of fruit production.

It emphasises how to:

  • Achieve a full and efficient tree canopy at an early tree age
  • Sustain optimum fruit production over the projected life of the orchard
  • Produce fruit of high quality and good size.

The Open Tatura, where the trees alternate left and right, differs from the Tatura Trellis. The Open Tatura is open, because a narrow strip about 0.50 m wide separates the diagonally planted trees within each row.
Costs and supply of labour are critical concerns. Eliminating ladders boosts workers’ productivity—the more work people can do from the ground, the more efficient they are. The Open Tatura combines early production of high quality fruit with efficient management of labour.

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