Felco offers perfect, fast sawing

FELCO extends its product range with the release of two new models of curved pull-stroke saws.
The new saws will make work easier and more effective while sawing green wood.

The FELCO 640 and the 630 are designed using the best processes to meet the needs of the most demanding users.
The global leader of pruning and cutting tools for professional users has just set a new standard for efficient, high-quality, durable and usable tools.
Two blade lengths
The two new saws have pull-stroke blades with different lengths: the FELCO 640 is 270mm long; the FELCO 630 is 330mm.
Each one offers perfect fast sawing, effective removal of sawdust, user comfort and a long life.
Optimum tooth geometry for greater efficiency
The saws' optimum tooth geometry removes large quantities of chips to maintain effectiveness and prevent jamming.
The concave shape of the blade keeps the saw from locking when used.
The blade is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant chromium-plated steel.
Reinforced tooth tips maximise blade life
The tooth tips are reinforced thanks to a pulsed heat treatment. This treatment makes the teeth stronger, harder and sharper, and trebles the life of the blade.
Comfortable ergonomic handle
The ergonomic handle has a soft, comfortable coating that makes it easy to grasp and keeps it snugly in-hand when conditions get moist and/or cold.
When you combine the characteristics of the handle with the shape of the blade, you get excellent vibration absorption.
Blade control
The stop at the end of the blade stops the saw escaping.
Secure sheath, easy release
The saw is securely held in its sheath to offer more safety.
With an innovative fastening system, the saw is removed by merely pressing down with the thumb.
A strap (supplied) makes it possible to fix the saw to your leg.

Contact FELCO Australia
phone 1800 730 257
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
website felco.com.au

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