Focus on roots for best results

Root growth in the spring is all important, especially for newly–planted orchards where the roots set the scene for tree establishment.
The earlier the roots start to grow, the greater the root mass will become.

Because the roots are the source of key hormones, they become the control centre (brains) of the plant and perform the critical function of uptake of water and nutrients. A strong root system leads to a strong orchard establishment.
Stoller Australia’s RootFeed will help you build a better crop
Stoller Australia is dedicated to manufacturing quality products in order to deliver customers clear-cut results for their crop.
Stoller products can improve soil profiles and fertility; increase crop yields and quality growth outputs; and provide protection from unfavourable weather conditions, pests and disease.
Stoller Australia’s RootFeed is a unique form of nitrogen. Nitrogen, soluble calcium and magnesium—supplied to plants in a stabilised form—are available to crop roots in a convenient liquid formulation.
Why are roots important?
Roots of plants are considered the brains. They control the delivery of nutrients to the rest of the plant as well as regulating the balance of hormones, a critical feature for healthy growth.
Maintaining both adequate delivery of nutrients and hormone balance makes it easier for your crop to withstand stress and provide higher yields.
RootFeed in action
Evaluation of the effects of Stoller Australia’s RootFeed on new almond plantings in South Australia clearly demonstrated the importance of delivering nutrients to the roots of the plant and therefore providing a good start to the crop.
When RootFeed was applied three times 14 days apart (starting at budburst), the roots of plants treated with RootFeed had a much higher weight—almost 21% more than untreated plants.
In addition to this heavier weight, the roots constituted additional delicate feeder roots in the upper root zone, allowing plants to take up more nutrients at a faster rate.
RootFeed treated trees were taller than the associated control treated plantings. There was denser growth in RootFeed treated plantings with almost 27% increase in top weight (all parts of the tree above the ground including the trunk, branches and leaves).
The increase in root growth on RootFeed treated trees allowed the plants to gain greater access to nutrients in the soil and have improved water uptake. This gave strong balanced growth above and below the ground.
Stoller Australia’s guarantee
In addition to production of quality products, rigorous independent and in-house assessments of all Stoller Australia products, including RootFeed, ensure that what we offer to customers is only the best for their crop.
Stoller Australia’s products have been put to the test on a variety of crops in many growing regions throughout Australia and demonstrate our products benefits to your crop yield and provide definite return on investment to you.
Applying Stoller Australia’s RootFeed to your plants will ensure that your crop maintains vigorous and continuous root growth, all throughout the growing season and well into the postharvest period.
RootFeed help plants form stronger roots and provides greater tolerance to stressful environmental conditions as well as improvement to plant nutrient and hormone balance.

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