Ground-level orchard production

The Open-Tatura Ground-Level Production System is one of the most efficient orchard systems that can be managed from the ground.

It invites the reader to look at an affordable high density planting of fruit trees like a vineyard.

Since sunlight is the energy that drives the production of fruit, the first chapter explains why the Open-Tatura Ground-Level Production System is built on and designed to effectively ‘harvest’ this source of energy.

Tree design is the next chapter and includes how to go about building a simple tree structure without branches that results in a high canopy surface (cropping) area, and the reasons for it.

The emphasis on Ground-level is supported by the ‘cost of height’ in the next chapter, which is followed by trellis construction, type of nursery tree to plant and tree training.

To help you get the best out of your trees, a chapter is devoted to precision crop load management which deals with orchard practices such as pruning and thinning, and is based on a good understanding of seasonal growth cycles.

Much of ‘doing it from the ground’ is focused on maximising labour efficiency and making orchard work attractive to seasonal workers, and not on investing in expensive machinery, including futuristic robotics, to replace workers.

Finally, when you’ve digested the 220+ pages of information and enriched your knowledge, this manual asks if you can NOT afford to invest in an Open-Tatura Ground-Level Production System.


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