Unknown predators—Carabid or Ground beetles

We are going down to ground level in this article.
A new study just released shows how important some of the unknown and unseen insects are in controlling our fruit pests.


Ground beetles (Carabid beetles or Carabids) are a common, but often overlooked, beneficial insect.


Carabid beetles live in, or on the soil surface. Because they are active mainly at night, most people don’t notice them. These ground beetles are predators of other insects, other invertebrates (such as snails) in the soil, and a few species feed on weed seeds.

Because they are big and voracious, Carabids can have an affect on reducing pest levels—pests like Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth.


Study identifies benefits
A recent study “Predation by generalist predators on the codling moth versus a closely-related emerging pest the oriental fruit moth: a molecular analysis” by Catherine Boreau de Roincé et al,  investigated the role of ground-active Carabid or Ground beetles as natural enemies of these two major pests in apple orchards.

Predation rates were compared on the pests, Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella) and an emerging pest, Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM) (Grapholita molesta)....

Benefits of mulch or weed cover

Carabids are encouraged into the orchard environment and tree-line areas when a protective layer of mulch or weed cover is over the soil...