Integrated brown rot control—new tools & practices

Control of brown rot of stone fruit is becoming increasingly unsustainable with the exclusive use of fungicides, especially during wet growing seasons.

Topics covered in this article:

Understand the disease cycle

Blossom blight and brown rot
Disease cycle
Need for an integrated approach

Key control strategies

Reduce inoculum carry-over
Know when your crop is susceptible

New tools help manage brown rot

Predicting infection risk
BoM warnings
Orchard-level weather data

Predicting post-harvest rot potential
Simple incubation test

Chemical control still the key component of IPM

The stone fruit industry has relied on fungicides applied during bloom and fruit development for managing brown rot. However, yield losses still occur despite intensive application of fungicides.

Timing of sprays
Fungicide selection

Resistance management is vital

Sensitivity to fungicides
Resistance programs

Avoid Carpophilus damage

Bottom line: integrated control the key