Viruses - a real threat to apple & pear productivity

There are a number of viruses that affect pome fruit which are classified as latent, that is, at most times they have no visible symptoms.

However, in the real world they are most certainly not ‘latent’ in their affect on apple productivity. This has been clearly demonstrated in both Australian and overseas research.

There are four ‘viruses of economic significance’ in Australian apple orchards, they are...

---TOPICS in this article---

  • Proven benefits of certified propagating material
  • Virus affects yield for apples and pears
  • Extent of virus infection in Australia


  • Apple Stem Grooving Virus, a common and economically damaging virus but with rarely seen symptoms.
  • Apple Leaf Mosaic Virus is the most visible virus to affect pome fruit and commonly known to fruit growers (reduced photosynthetic ability of the tree is just one of the effects).
  • Virus can affect the uniformity of an orchard and productivity of young trees by stunting some trees (whilst it looks like some trees are unaffected, all would suffer from lower production).