Rootstocks for agricultural industries

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Producing rootstocks for the agricultural industries, Rootstock Services prides itself on both quality and quantity of product.

New Geneva™ apple rootstocks

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Fruit production is a tough business and choosing the right rootstock is almost as important as the cultivar you choose to grow.

Tree crops for Australian conditions

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Lewis Horticulture specialises in hardy Mediterranean tree crops suitable for Australian conditions.

Expected returns from Deliza®­ —a new red-blushed pear (part 3)

Bred out of the Australian National Pear Breeding Program at Agriculture Victoria, Tatura, and marketed by APAL as Deliza®, ANP-0131 is one of the new red-blushed pears that is visually attractive, tastes good, has desirable texture and stores extremely well, providing it with a point of difference on the fresh…

Expected returns from Deliza® — a new red-blushed pear

In collaboration with Goulburn Valley pear growers, Agriculture Victoria researchers are conducting economic assessments of the new red-blushed pear ANP-0131 (Deliza®) to help growers determine how to grow it most profitably.

Fruit Rights Australia first field audit

Fruit Rights Australia Inc. (FRA) was formed in 2014 to help educate Australian fruit growers about the advantages and obligations associated with proprietary fruit varieties.

Low chill cherries

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Whilst climate change will be debated, one thing that won't be debated is the need to choose the best varieties that give us the best opportunity to succeed in the orchard industry.

Nursery free of Little Cherry Virus

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Tests by DPI Victoria have shown all Neerim Hi-Plains Growers’ mother blocks for propagating cherry trees, to be free of Little Cherry Virus.

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