Tree training & trellis

Why renewal pruning is good for your cherry orchard

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To maintain fruit quality, continuously remove and replace fruiting wood as it ages beyond its prime. You’ve seen different training systems to achieve a variety of canopy architectures. Once the canopy architecture decision is made, and the orchard planted and trained, the desired canopy structure must be both maintained and…

The 3 R’s for cherry trees: removal, renewal, regeneration

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Removal—Identify wood that should be removed from older trees; and from younger trees:

Manage crop load without chemicals (part 3)

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Under conventional tree management it is not uncommon to see 30-50% of spur and terminal buds failing to set fruit. 

Manage crop load without chemicals (part 2)

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Artificial Spur Extinction (ASE) is a crop load management method using bud thinning techniques to precisely define where and how much fruit is set on each limb of the tree.

Manage crop load without chemicals

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Achieving optimal crop loads every year is not easy. Good results can be obtained from chemical thinning but variable spring weather in most Australian apple growing regions means tree response can be unpredictable. 

Heat, shallow soils affect growth & yield of apple trees on M.9 (part 4)

Nutrition and soils for M.9 rootstock in high-density plantings

Fruiting wall of multi-leader branchless pear trees

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The international fruit world is in a stage of fast change, and while the laws of supply and demand will certainly continue to rule, a number of traditionalist views on tree training and tree management are no longer valid.

Branchless pear trees offer new opportunities

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Why would you go through the trouble of growing pears on a complex tree with branches? Especially when a simple branchless tree structure allows you to adopt a systemised approach to tree management, has a greater production capability, is more labour efficient and more adaptable to technological advances.

Heat, shallow soils affect growth & yield of apple trees on M.9 (part 3)

M.9 on certain soil types will not sustain the vigour needed for each combination of tree density.

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