Written by  Transtak

Transtak® orchard ladders & work stools

Transtak aluminium orchard ladders and work stools provide the fruit grower with reliable climbing steps to tend and harvest fruit crops.

The range starts with the 2-step and 3-step stools, and moves into ladders that range in length from 4ft to 12ft, increasing in one-foot intervals.
Stronger work stools
The stool range now uses 2.5 mm treadplate folded steps, and the stronger Transtak® leg tube that can easily handle more rigorous use.
Ladder upgrade
The Transtak ladder upgrade for 2020 includes the extra-strength Transtak base leg tube, and heavy-duty top hinge plates for increased durability in the field.
The Transtak ladder features the flat coarse–grip steps. Pickers who spend hours on the ladder appreciate the enhanced foot grip and support resulting in greater worker productivity.
The Transtak ladder has a 180 kg industrial load rating according to the AS/NZS 1892.1:1996/2018 portable metal ladder standards.
Transtak ladders are not only up to 1 kg lighter than many alternatives, they are also stronger, more stable and resilient due to their design and use of quality high tensile aluminium extrusion.

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