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Mobishear heavy-duty cordless secateurs

Innovation on the land is something Arnd & Heidi Enneking know a lot about.
As experienced and passionate farmers for over 20 years, they have faced and found the solutions to countless challenges on the land
One challenge that came up time and again on the Enneking’s Eyre Peninsula farm was working out in the field with cumbersome, corded equipment.

“The cords just turned even the most routine task into an ordeal,” Arnd said.
“We needed something that could be used anywhere and kept handy on the motorbike ready to go. But there was nothing like that available.”
Cutting the cord
It was this need to find a better way that led to the development of the Mobishear range of specially selected heavy-duty 100% cordless agricultural tools.
“Our cordless tools are definitely not lightweight domestic units,” Heidi said.
“They are designed to last. For example, the cordless secateurs can cut through branches up to 37mm in diameter, and goes up to 12 hours before it needs a charge.
“It just seems crazy to us now that tools like pruning snips and portable shearing handpieces should have cords. Could you imagine using a corded drill nowadays?”
Tried and tested
Their daily life as farmers didn’t just spark the initial idea; it also influences everything they do as a business.
The units are ‘torture tested’ in the applications they are designed for and then any areas for improvement are identified and addressed.
And Mobishear know that when you find a good tool, you want it to stick around. They back each unit with a 2-year warranty, and supply a range of spare parts and know-how to customers who need to service or repair their units—all backed by a dedication to customer service that is second to none.
“We know that in farming there are never enough hours in the day, and we know that your equipment needs to be ready when you need it,” said Arnd.
“No one wants to be waiting for weeks for parts or have to argue with someone in a call centre if things go wrong.
“Mobishear tools won’t break down easily— they’re designed tough. We want our customers to get years of service out of our products. But if things do break, we don’t want our customers to have to bin something just because it needs a bit of maintenance.”
Old-fashioned ag industry service
This commitment to service is a product of their years of experience in the agricultural industry.
After finding that after-sales service was fast becoming a thing of the past, they have made it their mission to go over and above for their customers.
“We really just want to provide the kind of service we would like to receive ourselves,” Heidi said.
“We believe it’s not just about providing a great product; it’s things like our Australia-wide free shipping that make a difference. And the fact that our customers know that if they need help there is another Aussie farmer reading their email or taking their call, who understands them and is ready to sort their issue out.”
As Mobishear like to say, it’s 100% innovation, 100% service—by Aussie farmers, for Aussie farmers.

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Heidi 0409 289 532
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