Written by  Woodchuck

BigHorn fruit picking bags

When picking fruit, selecting the correct size picking bag is paramount
The Bighorn Open Mouth fruit picking bags are available in four sizes, allowing users to select the ideal size.

Available sizes are ¾ case (30L), 1.0 case (36L), 1.5 case (50L) and the 2.0 case (70L) capacities.
The smaller capacity is ideal for stonefruit, apples and pears; the larger is commonly used for avocados and citrus.
Spreading the weight
An extended bib panel at the upper rear of the bag spreads the weight of the fruit evenly across the chest, lessening the pressure on the shoulders. Improved ‘Air Mesh’ fabric on the wide crossover straps provides the ultimate support—even when the bag is full, it maintains a high level of comfort.
Built for longevity
For longevity in the harsh orchard environment, these Bighorn bags are constructed from UV treated cotton fabric.
Spring steel stiffeners hold the mouth of the bag open, allowing unrestricted loading of fruit.
The extended inner opening at the bottom of the bag reduces the loss of fruit whilst climbing ladders or moving around—a feature unique to Bighorn bags.
Hoop Mouth bags
The Bighorn Hoop Mouth fruit picking bags share many Open Mouth style features but also boasts a strengthened hoop, a front catch with a non-swivelling snap-hook and PVC reinforcing to the back of the bag. Available in 1 bushel (33L).

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