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Transtak® aluminium orchard ladder range

Transtak Engineering & Equipment has manufactured orchard equipment for around 30 years, and began manufacturing the Transtak® aluminium orchard ladder range in the early 1990s.

These ladders have become known for their sturdy and stable design on all types of orchards and terrains.
The wide base to height factor ensures stability even on graded, or sloping to steep orchards—which is critical to worker safety and efficiency.
Ladder upgrade
The ladder has recently upgraded the steps to a coarser and slightly thicker treadstep for increased grip and service life, along with increased strength in several critical areas.
The ladder has yellow instruction and warning labels which show how to place and climb the ladder correctly, and are also serial numbered for ladder standards compliance.
Ladder sizes
Sizes available from the Australian agents, E E Muir & Sons are: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft , 8ft , 9ft , 10ft.
Bow ladders
The Transtak Bow Ladder has also been well accepted in citrus growing areas along the Murray River for its simple, sturdy and lightweight design.
These ladders are also rated at 180kg, with testing to 225kg (1.25 rated loading).
These ladders have the standard Transtak curve-rolled ladder sides with oval serrated grip double rungs.
Sizes available from the Australian Agent E E Muir & Sons are: 3.0 metre(10ft) and 3.6 metre(12ft)
Orchard work stools
Orchard work stools for lower tree training, pruning and picking have treadplate steps and top, to work from.
A recent upgrade to a slightly thicker treadplate step and tube has added to the durability of these stools even when used by heavier members of the workforce.
The tripod design ensures all feet remain securely on the ground in all conditions.
Sizes available from the Australian Agents E E Muir & Sons are: 2-step (600mm) or 3-step (850mm).
Note: If the Australian agents do not have the required size ladders or stools in stock, these may need to be ordered from the sales representative in advance for inclusion with a stock order container.

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