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Orchard ladders & stools

Transtak® Engineering & Equipment produce a great range of aluminium ladders and stools for the fruit grower.

The ladder range starts at 4ft and is available in 300 mm step sizes through to 12ft.
Branches of EE Muir & Sons stock the common ladders sizes used in each fruit growing area—from 6ft to 10ft. Other sizes are sourced on demand. Serv-Ag in Tasmania, and I K Caldwell Rural (Victoria) are also stockists.
Stronger, more stable ladders
A recent upgrade to this ladder has increased its strength at critical points with a coarser serrated step providing a better and longer-lasting grip-tread.
A unique feature of the Transtak ladder is its stability on all terrains from flat or mounded orchards, to sloping and hilly blocks.
The ladder surpasses all others on the market for stability due to the wide base width/height of each ladder size allowing the picker to place and climb the ladder—even if it’s not quite vertical.
The ladders have Australian Standards yellow instruction labels which show how to place the ladder at the correct climbing angle.
Orchard stools
For lower tree work we have the orchard stools, available in sturdy 2-step (600mm) and 3-step (850mm) sizes.
With aluminium treadplate steps and three widely spaced legs, these stools can be confidently worked off for pruning and tree training work.
These are also available from E E Muir & Sons branches.

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