FREE webinar on trap management

Learn how easy trap management can be by registering for a free webinar organised by Organic Crop Protectants.
OCP’s Territory manager Vic/Tas, Scott Brady, suggests not waiting until the pest season starts and it’s time to deploy traps and start monitoring.
“Plan ahead and implement MyTraps to streamline next year’s monitoring,” Scott said.
According to Scott the webinar will cover: 
  • How to record trap locations with MyTraps on your phone
  • Locate traps and record pest counts with ease
  • Receive alerts when it’s time to change lures
  • Record geo-tagged scouting notes and picture
  • Visualise pest populations geographically and over time
  • Use MyTraps Scout to create scouting reports.
Tune in to the MyTraps webinar at 8:30 am AEST on May 2 2014 to learn how.
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For information see Tree Fruit April 2014

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