Written by  Transtak Engineering

Transtak® bin trailers & tractor mounted forks

Transtak Engineering and Equipment produce the registered design range of bin trailers and tractor mounted forks for the orchardist.

The range starts with the 3ptl softforks with 300–500 kg capacity for the front and rear of the tractor. The 3ptl 1200 kg capacity bin forks will lift 1.0 metre to stack and carry two bins at a time on the soft-ride accumulator forks.
The Transtak 1500L bin trailer loads and carries three bins on the 3.6 metre forks while the Transtak 1500LE bin carrier has a stronger fork with plug-in extensions to carry either three or four bins as permitted on the orchard.
New to the range is the Transtak 3000LT upgrade model of trailer. This trailer lifts parallel to 0.5 metre height using two hydraulic rams with hydraulic tilt of the forks for loading on uneven ground and to level the load for transport. It has a six bin load capacity of 3000 kg and is fitted with rubber a hydra-float accumulator for a very soft ride. It also has LED tail lights.
Completing the range is the Transtak 3500N and 3500NS series of bin carriers which have a load capacity of 3000–3500 kg and a 1.0 metre lift to stack full bins and unstack empty bins in the field.
The Transtak 3500NS bin carrier has forks tilt and also forks side-shift to stack plastic bins prior to transport. Six full bins may be carried on this tractor front mounted carrier.

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