Written by  Transtak Engineering

Transtak bin trailers & ladders

Transtak Engineering & Equipment manufacture and market the registered design of bin trailer and alloy orchard ladders.

Bin trailer
Sizes to carry 3, 4 and 6 bins are available. They are sold direct to Australian fruit growers. The budget 3 bin low-lift model starts at A$16,800. The 3–6 bin carrier is priced at about A$29,000 delivered to the orchard.
These bin carriers will move between 50 and 200 bins a day on an average orchard.
Tri-pod ladders
The 'Transtak® ladders' brand of orchard ladders is the strongest high tensile picking ladder available to the fruit grower with its 180 kg load rating and 10 year guarantee.
These tri-pod ladders are Australian Standards compliant with available sizes from 4ft to 10ft.
Citrus bow ladders
Citrus bow ladders by Transtak are also available in sizes 10ft to 12ft. These are only procurable from our Australian agents, EE Muir & Sons who have branches in most fruit growing areas.

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