Written by  Transtak Engineering & Equipment

Transtak design the most efficient carrier/trailer

Transtak® Engineering & Equipment began manufacturing their registered design of fruit bin carriers in the early 1990s in New Zealand.

The range has been steadily improved with the addition of new models.
The most recent development is the ‘forks side shift’ for the 6–bin carrier Transtak® 3500NS.
This unique but simple design allows plastic Megabins to be accurately stacked into blocks of six to be carried from orchard to packhouse or store quickly.
Although this carrier is more expensive than basic platform or chain trailers, it is by far the most efficient carrier/trailer on the market today.
No other trailer will load 9–12 empties, carry these to the orchard picking area, and de-stack them for placement in the rows.
The ability to collect 1-2-3 bins and stack these into a block of six for transport is unmatched by any other trailer.
The Transtak 3500NS has forks-tilt and side-shift with a 1.0 metre clear lift height.
The carriers rubber/hydra-float suspension ensures a smooth ride even at 25 km/h front tractor mounted for clear visibility and operation.
Direct enquiries to our website. We will be pleased to help, and can deliver to the nearest Australian port or to your orchard.

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