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TRANSTAK® bin trailers and orchard ladders

Transtak® Engineering & Equipment manufacture the registered design of fruit-bin carrier/trailer, and aluminium orchard ladders for fruit growers.

The Transtak bin carriers are a simple and effective method of shifting bins in the orchard, and transporting these bins between orchard and packhouse/store shed.
These carriers combine the forklifting and trailer principles to move large quantities of bins with the one unit—negating the need for an additional forklift to load/unload trucks or trailers.
Transtak bin carrier options
The budget low-lift model Transtak 1500L lifts and carries three bins on rubber load–cushioned forks.
The Transtak 1500LE carries 3–4 bins on load–cushioned forks with 1200 mm plug-in extensions when extra capacity is needed.
The Transtak 2000N is tractor front–mounted only, to lift, carry and stack three full bins and 6–9 empty bins.
The Transtak 3000N is the lift and carry trailer with forks–tilt to assist with loading six full bins at a time and to level the load when working on sloping ground.
The Transtak 3500NS bin carrier is ideally front–mounted to the tractor but also works well when towed as a trailer. This carrier has a one metre lift to stack bins with, and forks–tilt and side–shift to assist with stacking and loading plastic Mega-bins.
R&D for new products
Transtak has an ongoing program of research and development with new models of carriers, tractor 3PTL soft-forks, and ladders coming on stream.
Transtak ladders
The Transtak ladders high tensile aluminium range of fruit picking ladders are the strongest field proven ladder available to the fruitgrower with 180 kg load rating.
These ladders are compliant with AS/NZ ladder standards, are built, tested and proven with over 20 years of service where other unproven brands have cracked and failed.
The orchard ladder has the flat serrated 76 mm wide steps to fully support the foot with a double width top step.
The citrus bow ladder has double oval serrated rungs providing good hand amd foot grip, as it is often used in dryer sandy conditions.
The Transtak Ladders© are available in sizes 4ft/5ft/6ft/7ft/8ft/9ft/10ft in the tri-pod orchard ladder style; or 10ft/11ft/12ft in the citrus bow-ladder style.

Ladders—Australian agents
Australia–wide ladder agents with branches in all the fruit growing areas are:
EE Muir & Sons Pty Ltd
Central Victoria—I K Caldwell Rural

Bin carriers—enquiries
Please make Transtak bin carrier enquiries direct to Transtak Engineering & Equipment
www.transtak.co.nz phone 0064 3528 8218
View the range of models and demonstration video on the website: www.transtak.co.nz


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