Written by  Munckhof

Munckhof spray technology reduces chemical use

A 15% to 30% reduction in crop protection products is possible with Munckhof’s low pressure spraying technology.

Globally fruit growers are faced with the challenges of using less crop protection product and of saving costs.
Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is continuously researching new methods and techniques.
New research, where WUR is working together with Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators, shows that a saving of 15% to 30% on crop protection products is possible with the new Low Pressure Spraying Technology based on the Munckhof VariMAS 1-row and 3-row spraying systems.
The new low pressure spraying strategy also helps reduce driving time and fuel consumption.
The new technology is based on a combination of new and existing spraying techniques. The VariMAS has been developed in cooperation with fruit growers to meet the demand for a high-capacity sprayer.
The VariMAS is available in a 1-row and a 3-row version.

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