Written by  Munckhof

Munckhof— Agromanager collaboration

Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators maintains its leading position by applying the most efficient spraying techniques for fruit tree cultivation.

The Isobus connection on all its spraying equipment is the latest new feature to be offered by Munckhof.
Fruit growers can use this feature to establish a direct data connection with Agromanager, the widely used management system for fruit cultivation.
Control Munckhof sprayer with Agrodata spray programs
Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators is known for spraying technology that achieves high drift reduction and minimises the consumption of spray media and fuel.
These benefits are the result of low spraying pressures and sophisticated air flow. Munckhof’s vision for the future focuses on automation, GPS and data management to help growers optimise their yields and quality and minimise costs.
Thanks to the new collaboration with Agromanager, fruit growers can automatically send data such as verified spray programs from Agromanager to the orchard sprayer. The new Isobus connection on all Munckhof orchard sprayers makes this possible.

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