Written by  Munckhof

New, clever Pluk-O-Trak control system

Munckhof fruit tech innovators aims to help its customers more effectively and faster in the future, by offering innovative and reliable spraying and harvesting techniques for businesses that grow fruit, nuts and olives.

The company recently signed a new partnership contract with RIWO, a well-known and experienced supplier of (mobile) machine control systems.
The collaboration between the two companies has already led to a completely redesigned control system for the Pluk-O-Trak.
Thanks to RIWO, the Pluk-O-Trak now features a clever, variably adjustable straight-line control that keeps the machine centred even if the trees are not upright, or the machine has to operate on sloping ground.
This feature is extremely useful when pruning from one side.
Machine operation has been further simplified by adding robust push-buttons and a joystick.
Munckhof expects to benefit from the ongoing rapid developments in automation, robotisation, navigation and camera technology.

For contact details, see Tree Fruit April 2020