Improve flowering and pollination

Written by   Stoller Australia

There are many nutrients needed for flowering and pollination. Within this article we will focus on the three most important nutrients for fruit trees at the beginning of flowering: zinc, boron and calcium.

Zinc produces auxin, a hormone that activates and directs new cell division and food movement within a tree.
Zinc naturally enhances the plant’s ability to produce auxin and this is essential for strong pollination.
Boron protects auxin and ensures that the hormone does not degrade rapidly. This is vital because if auxin is not in balance within a plant, it will not pollinate to its full potential.
Calcium is also important at flowering because it directs the transfer of pollen for fertilisation from the plant to the flower.
A foliar application of calcium during flowering will assist with strong pollination. It will boost the flower fertilisation and assist the direction of pollen, creating strong, marketable fruit. This will increase profitable yield at harvest.
The delivery of these elements is enhanced by using chelated and polyamine products that are gentle and won’t cause any burning.
Chelated and polyamine products
Stoller offer various chelated and polyamine products including Calcium Chelate, ZM² and ZM² + Iron that assist the tree during flowering.
Stoller’s chelated trace element products achieve the best growth response from the crop during pollination and flowering.
SETT Enhanced and Flower Power have a mixture of zinc, boron and calcium as well as other nutrients associated with optimum flowering.
SETT Enhanced
SETT Enhanced optimises pollination and fruit retention by strengthening flowers. The calcium and boron assist with pollen tube formation and fruit quality, leading to higher yields, especially in cold night conditions.
Stoller’s patented polyamine formulation ensures it is safe to apply when flowers and fruits are present. 
Flower Power
Flower Power increases the potential for more fruit set and crop yield by optimising the flowering and pollination of fruit trees.
Flower Power provides key nutrients that improve auxin production and longevity, critical to the plants flowering stage. During extreme temperatures it continues to improve the pollination strength of flowers.
These products assist pollination, fruit set, retention and uniformity.
Members of the Stoller technical team (see photo) undertake trials to continue validating various strategies that encourage root growth and pollination.
It’s important that the roots of the tree develop as early as possible because it will be better positioned to take care of itself throughout the growing cycle and provide quality yields.

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See this article in Tree Fruit August 2018

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