Three-step post harvest nutrient plan

Written by   Stoller Australia

The time between fruit harvest and fresh spring flush is a good opportunity to ensure that nutrients depleted during the growing and harvesting season are replenished.

Timing is critical to maximise benefits during this dormant period. Providing nutrient ‘top-ups’ will assist the trees natural process of preparing for hibernation and return much needed reserves to the plant’s roots and storage tissue ready for next seasons growth.
At a glance: Stoller Australia products for post-harvest nutrient replenishment
A unique nutrient combination with Stoller’s Co-Factor additives.
This proven product can enhance healthy growth, providing a foliar boost that assists your trees during its new vegetative growth period.
In addition, Foli-Zyme can assist trees to recover from stress and slow growth.
ZM2 and ZM2 Chelate
An essential element that will help ensure maximum yields.
One of its biggest advantages is its ability to correct crop deficiencies quickly and ensure nutrient levels are adequate before deficiencies appear.
This multi-nutrient product assists root growth, crop yield and quality and can be used right throughout the pre-harvest and growing period.
Postharvest 23
An ideal nutrient treatment that can be used right after harvest, providing a nutrient feed through the soil allowing a build-up of nutrient reserves and encouraging healthy spring growth as well as early growth of roots and shoots.
Sugar Mover
Used as a post harvest foliar treatment, this nutrient application restores growth balance and optimises bud and fruit development.
Its unique nutrient formula redirects carbohydrates to the roots of the plant, helping the tree withstand stress and provides a valuable food source during hibernation, when the plant needs it most.
Stoller Australia products make things as easy as 1–2–3
Stoller Australia can help you implement a post-harvest nutrient plan to ensure that growth potential is maximised.
Using a three-step strategy and Stoller’s quality range of products (to bolster nutrition demands and carbohydrate reserves) ensures your trees receive the boost they need to develop strong and healthy growth year after year.
Step 1 (Foliar treatment)
Apply Foli-Zyme and ZM2 before leaf-fall to enhance strong wood and bud tissue development.
Step 2 (Soil treatment)
Apply Nutri-pHLow and Post Harvest 23 to support the pre-dormancy tree root-flush that occurs after fruit harvest.
Step 3 (Hibernation treatment)
Apply Sugar Mover and ZM2 to assist carbohydrate movement into buds, roots, and woody tissue.
In cases where you want to control higher vegetative growth use higher rates.
Stoller Australia’s range of nutrient products are available in a convenient liquid formulation and are easily applied.

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