Take early action against heat stress

Written by   Stoller Australia

Heat stress caused by warm weather can affect tree crops by slowing growth and reducing yield.

David Cavallaro, Stoller National Sales Manager, said that it is important to be prepared for a hot and dry summer season.
Stoller has a range of solutions that are specifically designed to help crops recover from stress so they can fulfil their yield potential.
“Now is the time to protect your tree crops from heat related stress which comes in the next few months,” David said.
“We have a full range of solutions to help get your crops back on track—minimising stress and maximising growth.”
The program centres around three of Stoller’s speciality products: Bio-Forge, WL Zinc Chelate and Foli-Zyme.
Stoller’s Bio-Forge contains a unique combination of key nutrients to give crops the boost they need to recover from stress and initiate new root growth.
Applying Stoller’s Bio-Forge before or after stress can help plants re-establish normal growth.
Research has shown that zinc can also help crops tolerate environmental stress. Zinc is critical for the production of auxin, a plant hormone that is essential for growth and development of plants. Use Stoller’s Bio-Forge in combination with Stoller’s WL Zinc Chelate—a highly-efficient and readily-absorbed form of zinc—to help speed recovery from stress and promote healthy growth and development.
WL Zinc Chelate is made using a specific process that is unique to the Stoller range and is designed for peak performance as a soil or foliar application.
Follow-up with Stoller’s Foli-Zyme, a complete nutrient mix with Stoller’s co-factors, to maintain recovery from stress, feed new growth and promote healthy tissue development

To find out more about Stoller’s stress recovery program,
contact your Stoller representative on 1800 337 845 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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