Stress proof your fruit trees

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Fruit trees and all plants grown in Australia’s tough agricultural environment are at risk of becoming stressed. Drought, pests and diseases, poor nutrition and other harsh weather conditions can all play havoc with a plant’s productivity and production, negatively affecting your crop.

Improve nutrient availability at flowering

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As we approach the coming season and bud break, we need to ensure that we give our tree crops the best chance to maximise yield and quality in the coming season.

Thiosulfates fertilisers

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Thiosulfates (S2O3) fertilisers are clear liquid fertilisers that provide sulfur (S), nitrogen (N) as ammonium thiosulfate (ThioSul), potassium as potassium thiosulfate (KTS), calcium as calcium thiosulfate (CaTs), or magnesium as magnesium thiosulfate (MagThio).

Consider secondary & micro nutrients

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When it comes to fertiliser nutrients, everyone talks about the big three: NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium).It’s true that these elements are needed in the biggest quantities for crop growth. We can calculate the requirements by looking at crop removal, soil/tissue tests, and growth stages; and there is no doubt…

Give dormant trees the best chance this season with Budfeed Plus

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An application of Stoller’s BudFeed Plus is a fantastic way to kickstart tree growth this season.

Time to apply soil-based biological treatments

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Late autumn is the ideal time to apply biological inoculants and stimulants to tree crops to promote the rapid breakdown of leaf litter, crop trash and prunings whilst also reducing the opportunity for disease overwintering.

Prepare trees for next season with Budfeed Plus

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Winter is just around the corner and with it, fruit trees are about to enter their dormancy period.

Post-harvest program key to next season's success

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Providing trees with adequate nutrition after harvest has been proven to dramatically increase the performance of next year's crop.

Post–harvest treatments prepare trees for next season

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Even when harvest is over, fruit trees are working hard, preparing for winter dormancy and the spring to come. It’s an opportune time to replenish your tree crops nutrients and to ensure that when spring arrives, your crop has woken from its winter hibernation with its roots and storage tissues…

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