Post–harvest treatments prepare trees for next season

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Even when harvest is over, fruit trees are working hard, preparing for winter dormancy and the spring to come. It’s an opportune time to replenish your tree crops nutrients and to ensure that when spring arrives, your crop has woken from its winter hibernation with its roots and storage tissues…

Stoller’s 1–2–3 postharvest treatments

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It's summer time and the living is easy, but not for you or your hardworking summer crop. Even when the harvest is over, your plants are working—preparing for winter dormancy and the spring to come.

Prepare trees & crops for the hot weather

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BOM recently updated its seasonal outlooks to reflect the El Nino conditions and as a consequence its effect on temperature and rainfall patterns across Australia.

Post-harvest nutrient replenishment

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Providing nutrient ‘top-ups’ between fruit harvest and the fresh spring flush, ensures that nutrients depleted during the growing and harvesting season are replenished.

Three easy steps to boost post harvest treatments

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The time between fruit harvest and fresh spring flush is a good opportunity to ensure that nutrients depleted during the growing and harvesting season are replenished.

Take early action against heat stress

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Heat stress caused by warm weather can affect tree crops by slowing growth and reducing yield.

Improve plant health & yield potential

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Stoller Australia’s products have a proven track record in delivering nutrients to your plants to ensure that your crop gets exactly what it needs when it’s needed.

'Start-Grow-Finish' concept from Stoller

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Stoller Australia conducted a timely series of seminars on plant nutrition and plant physiology.Below is what Rob Jarek from Stoller Enterprises USA had to say about growing a balanced plant with a healthy root system.

Improve flowering and pollination

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There are many nutrients needed for flowering and pollination. Within this article we will focus on the three most important nutrients for fruit trees at the beginning of flowering: zinc, boron and calcium.

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