Focus on roots for best results

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Root growth in the spring is all important, especially for newly–planted orchards where the roots set the scene for tree establishment. The earlier the roots start to grow, the greater the root mass will become.

Preparing trees for dormancy (part 2)

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Once the tree has settled after harvest, there is a good opportunity to provide food, especially if the tree is in storage mode. The tree stores reserves in the roots and woody tissue and these reserves are critical to healthy growth in the spring.

Preparing trees for dormancy

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Each season our trees work hard to convert sunlight into carbohydrates in the leaves and then at the relevant time to send this 'food' into the developing fruit to give us our crop.

Cherry nutrition research

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Writing about cherry nutrition this month was prompted by a project undertaken in Tasmania: Optimizing nutrient management in cherries*.

Agrisilica™ improves fruit quality, boosts yield

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More consistency in fruit size, better skin retention, and greater yield and quality can be achieved using Agrisilica™.

The importance of calcium in tree crops

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To maximise a tree crops genetic potential, hormones must remain balanced throughout the plant’s natural hormone cycle.

Improve crop yield potential

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Stoller Australia’s products have a proven track record in delivering nutrients to your plants to ensure that your crop gets exactly what it needs when it’s needed.

Look after trees from start to finish

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Last month Stoller Australia conducted a series of seminars at key locations to provide updates and education to interested farmers and dealers in the field of plant nutrition and plant physiology.

Three steps to unlock an orchard's potential

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After a successful harvest, it is essential that steps are taken to ensure the orchard is provided with improved post-harvest nutrition, controlled biennial bearing and increased flowering opportunities. These steps will ensure that healthy spring growth is achieved as well as a strong vigorous root system being maintained below the…

A good start to the season is critical

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Plants must take off quickly at the start of the season or they will remain behind the whole season.

Leaf absorption of mineral nutrients (part 2)

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Leaves are the major site of food production for the plant. Structures within a leaf convert the energy in sunlight into chemical energy that the plant can use as food.

Winter: time to leach salts from soil

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During the growing season, various salts accumulate in the soil around tree roots.

Maximise next year’s production now

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Huge amounts of macro and micronutrients are removed from the system when crops are harvested.

Leaf absorption of mineral nutrients

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Leaves are the major site of food production for the plant.

Analysing crop performance

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The harvest has finished for another year, the focus now the shifts on to the 2017-18 harvest, along with analysing this year’s crop performance.

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