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Agrisilica® increases nutrient use efficiency & uptake

Agrisilica® is a natural silicon fertiliser and soil conditioner made from amorphous silicon.

Agrisilica provides crops with a rich source of plant available silicon and can improve the soil's water and nutrient holding capacity.
Documented benefits
Agripower™ has conducted over 700 trials globally—the results have consistently shown the benefits of the product across a range of crops. Benefits include yield increase, better water usage by plants, and improvements to the soil.
At a time when fertiliser prices have climbed to the highest levels seen for years, it is important to ensure your crops have the best opportunity to perform—and Agrisilica has been shown to increase crop nutrient uptake and nutrient use efficiency.
Optimise nutrient uptake
The beneficial effects of silicon on the uptake of nutrients was one of the first effects of silicon fertilisation ever studied, and has been recorded in scientific literature for many years.
The modes of action are:
• Improved retention and availability of nutrients in the soil. For example, increased phosphorous uptake resulting from competitive sorption interaction and exchange of silicon and phosphorous.
• Improved plant water/nutrient uptake
• Improved utilisation of nutrients in the plant
• Enhancement of expression of specific genes related to nutrients.
Agripower has conducted many independent scientific trials that have also shown improved nutrient uptake. Agrilsica's 2–5mm granules can be blended with all granular NPK fertilisers, making application easy.
Improve soil health
Agrisilica has two primary features that make it ideal for improving soil structure and soil water holding capacity, resulting in improved soil health:
Cation exchange capacity of >50 cmol(+)/kg enabling capture of nutrients which otherwise might be leached from the root zone
Holds 155% of its weight in water which otherwise might be drained from the root zone. Agrisilica continually releases the water to the crop as the soil dries out and rehydrates when the soil wets up.
Builds soil carbon
Agrisilica also builds soil carbon by increasing photosynthesis, root biomass and vegetative material rich in carbon.
As a result, Agripower has formally become a partner in the Soil CRC (together with key research groups, NSW DPI, Murdoch Uni WA, Burdekin Productivity Service Qld, CSU NSW and Dept. Ag. Vic.)
The Soil CRC is the largest collaborative soil research effort in Australia’s history. The Cooperative Research Centre coordinates research across a range of disciplines including social science, economics, biology, chemistry, agronomy and soil science; and will focus on improving production in soils which limit crop production due to sodicity, salinity, non-wetting sands and pH extremes.
With the benefits of Agrisilica, and fertiliser prices remaining high, it is an important time to consider the addition of Agrisilica to your fertiliser practice to ensure better nutrient uptake and efficiency.

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