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Gyp-Flo liquid gypsum improves soil structure & plant nutrition

Gyp-Flo is a liquid suspension of calcium and sulphur applied to improve soil structure by reducing sodium build up and increasing calcium levels in the soil.

Gyp-Flo is much easier to handle and apply via boom spray, drip systems and overhead irrigation compared to the spreading of bulk gypsum.
In addition, Gyp-Flo is a great source of calcium and sulphur for plant nutrition.
Quick results
Gyp-Flo has a particle size of only 5 micron and is more than 80% available.
Bulk gypsum has a particle size of 1000 micron (1mm) and an average solubility rate of only 0.24%.
As a result of the smaller particle size and greater calcium availability, Gyp-Flo can readily overcome soil compaction.
After four years of field trials (see graph), studies confirmed that the finer particles in Gyp-Flo remain more active in the soil than the courser particles of bulk gypsum.

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