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Stoller’s 1–2–3 postharvest treatments

It's summer time and the living is easy, but not for you or your hardworking summer crop. Even when the harvest is over, your plants are working—preparing for winter dormancy and the spring to come.

It’s an opportune time to replenish your tree crops nutrients and to ensure that when spring arrives your crop has woken from its winter hibernation with its roots and storage tissues ready for the next seasons growth.
Laying the nutrient foundation well before spring is the key to managing a sustainable crop, year after year.
Post-harvest revitalisation using Stoller Australia products
This time of year (February–March) your tree crop is performing its natural process of readying for winter dormancy.
At leaf fall the tree moves nutrients and carbohydrates from the foliage back into the trunk and buds and down into the root system.
It’s a critical period in a tree’s growth cycle and can determine the health of overall crop into the next season.
Adding Stoller Australia’s quality products to a post-harvest nutrient plan bolsters the crop’s nutrition demands and carbohydrate reserves.

The one-two-three step plan
Step 1 (Foliar treatment)
Apply Stoller Australia’s Foli-Zyme and ZM2 before leaf-fall to enhance strong wood and bud tissue development.
Step 2 (Soil treatment)
Apply Nutri-pHLow and Post harvest 23 to support the pre-dormancy tree root-flush that occurs after fruit harvest.
Step 3 (Hibernation treatment)
Apply Sugar Mover and ZM2 to assist carbohydrate movement into buds, roots, and woody tissue. In cases where you want to control higher vegetative growth you can use higher rates.

Use Stoller products for the best start to the season—before it starts
Foli-Zyme: A unique nutrient combination with Co-Factor additives. Shown to enhance healthy growth, it provides foliar boost and assists the trees during its vegetative growth phase.
It can assist your trees to recover from stress and slow growth.

ZM2 and ZM2 Chelate: a vital element assisting with high yields. It can correct crop deficiencies and ensure nutrient levels are adequate before deficiencies appear.

Nutri-pHLow: A multi-nutrient product that assists root growth, crop yield and quality, and can be used throughout the preharvest and growing periods.

Postharvest 23: A nutrient treatment through the soil used right after harvest, allowing a build-up of nutrient reserves and encouraging healthy spring growth in all parts of the tree.
Easy to apply
All of Stoller Australia’s range of nutrient products are available in a convenient liquid formulation and are easily applied.
At the first bud-break of spring, you can be assured your crop has had its best start to the season.

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