Crop/Growth management

Critical input: chilling hours

Deciduous fruit trees need sufficient winter chilling during dormancy for satisfactory bud break, fruit set and tree growth.
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Manage soils & water to control tree growth & increase productivity (part 10)

Chemical growth regulators are being used extensively in controlling excessive shoot growth and enhancing the production of deciduous fruit trees.

Northwest Cherry Growers crop forecasting

Aussie growers can learn a lot from the Northwest Cherry Growers' crop forecasting program (in the USA). Below is a sample of the type of information they gather, how they present it and how they use it to estimate the new season's crop.
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Apple grower says Waiken essential for pollination and fruit set

Stuart Douglass has Western Australia's only orchard of traditional old–world cider apple varieties.These European style, high chill apples are specially grown for cider production (real cider). There are 15 varieties in the orchard with key varieties being Yarlington Mill, Browns Apple and Dabinett.
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Control bud-break & flowering with Waiken®

Application of Waiken gives apple and cherry growers greater control over bud break, flowering and time of maturity. Depending on when it is applied, it can be used to bring forward, or to delay bud-break.
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Manage soils & water to control tree growth & increase productivity (part 9)

Management of root growth is an important method to control vegetative growth and production of fruit trees. Regulation of water supply is a convenient way of achieving this management.

Be aware of possible herbicide damage during drought

Most cherry growing regions have experienced drier than normal conditions during summer and autumn but the weeds keep growing.
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USA cherry growers to benefit from proven apple technology

According to Ken Gaudion, Aussie cherry growers will observe with great interest the future of a product called Harvista™ which was recently registered for use on cherries in the USA.
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McIntyre Honey and Pollination

Click here to reach Ben at McIntyre Honey and Pollination Or phone:  0438 200 038
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Manage soils & water to control tree growth & increase productivity (part 7)

Root restriction provides orchardists with a useful tool for tree growth manipulation.

Link found between fungicides & bee decline (part 2)

While this article discusses the effects on bumblebees, the same factors are also having an effect on our honey bees, and probably our native bees and pollinators as well.
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