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UK's flowering cherries

During a recent tour of the UK a discovery unfolded of very large and very old flowering cherry trees in many public and private gardens.
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Why apples need both spur and shoot leaves to grow

One way to maximize the productivity of your apple trees is to understand the roles of spur and shoot leaves in flower bud formation and fruit development, and incorporate these roles into your management practices.
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Northwest cherry crop update

John Baker of Produce Marketing Australia has kindly provided an update from Northwest Cherries (in the USA).John notes that while the season is coming to a close, there is still fruit available from late-season orchards, and that 227,639 cartons of cherries (20 lb equivalent) had been shipped to Australia at…
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Broad-spectrum bio-stimulant technology making life easier for farmers

Bio-stimulant products are getting used by farmers more and more across Australia in addition to their traditional fertilizer programs.However, there is still confusion for farmers around this sector as CEO Gary Murdoch-Brown of EcoCatalysts Pty Ltd – a leading Bio-Stimulants company with offices in Australia, South Africa, USA and the…
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Enhance bee foraging and pollination with SPLAT Bloom®

It has been well documented that effective pollination is a limiting factor in lifting yields in tree crops.
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Critical input: chilling hours (part 3)

South African experienceIn most areas where apples and pears are growing in South Africa, the trees do not get enough winter chill to break dormancy satisfactorily. This results in delayed foliation, a protracted bloom period and poor yields.
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Manage soils & water to control tree growth & increase productivity (part 12)

High sustained productionWhen root restriction is combined with management of the fruit trees, the soil and the method of irrigation, high-density plantings can be highly productive and easy to manage for a long time. You can achieve this by:

Cherry industry: biosecurity threat averted

All industries relying on pollination should be grateful to the master of a ship at Port of Melbourne. In late June the master saw dead bees on the ship and reported it to the appropriate authorities in Melbourne.
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Winter—time to look at buds & plan activities

Winter is well and truly here and has brought some good chilling. Now that all the leaves have fallen, it’s a good time to look at cherry trees with a critical eye and to assess fruit bud numbers and quality.
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Critical input: chilling hours (part 2)

When you can see symptoms of delayed foliation it is too late and the damage has been done.
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Manage soils & water to control tree growth & increase productivity (part 11)

Hormones such as auxin are normally moved from apical shoots to the root system to encourage root development. Pruning removes these apical shoots and as a result, decreases root development.

Advance or delay bud-break with Waiken®

Application of Waiken gives apple and cherry growers greater control over bud break, flowering and time of maturity. Depending on when it is applied, it can be used to bring forward, or to delay bud-break.
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