Written by  InSense

Reflective film improves fruit colour and crop production

SunUp reflective orchard film is a cost effective fruit management tool.
SunUp reflects the sun's UV rays up into the underside and central areas of the tree canopy—directly onto the difficult to colour fruit.

Placing the film between rows of trees improves fruit colour, size, soluble solids/Brix
A key payback is significantly more fruit in the first pick.
•Improves fruit colour—enhances red colour
•Improves background colour
•Fruit has increased Brix (Soluble solids)
•Earlier and more balanced harvesting with evenness of fruit colour development
•Reduces harvesting time, with fewer passes for picking
•Significantly higher amount of fruit in the first pick.
How SunUp works
Red colour development in tree fruit is triggered by sunlight falling directly on the fruit that produces the red colourant anthocyanin.
Initial colour change is seen in the background colour. This colour change starts a few days after SunUp is laid in the orchard and increases over time.
The best red colour enhancement occurs when the film is placed in the orchard three to four weeks before harvest.

For contact details see this article in Tree Fruit Feb 2019