80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 14)

After 1979 adoption of the Tatura Trellis accelerated in Australia and overseas.

More than a tree training system (cont from last issue)
Plantings of most temperate fruit crops, as well as kiwifruit, persimmon, nashi, dragon fruit, avocado and sub-tropical and tropical fruits were established in Australia, the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Chile and Argentina. We can now add Tatura Trellis plantings being established in Japan, Okinawa, Hawaii and Reunion Island (located in the Indian Ocean).
Other research establishments in Australia and overseas have evaluated the Tatura Trellis, and have sometimes modified or hybridised it to suit certain conditions, or have given it another name such as ‘V trellis’ or ‘Y trellis’.
A decade of research
It took just a decade of research to design and develop the foundation of a fully integrated system of orchard management that revolutionised the fruit industry in the Goulburn Valley and beyond, for which the word ‘Tatura’ is now synonymous.
Evidence of a decade of experimental work of the nine researchers and support staff is documented in 36 refereed papers and theses, numerous articles, conference and seminar presentations, field days and demonstrations.
It was the most important and rewarding result of a combined research program that the Tatura Research Station ever produced.
The relatively short time it took place has therefore been dubbed ‘The Golden Era’ of the Station’s 80-year history.

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