Minimise sunburn in orchards

Extreme heat set to continue


The New Year is off to a scorching start. January 2018 has already seen very high temperatures around the majority of the country.

And according to the Bureau of Meteorology, most horticultural areas will continue to receive high temperatures and UV radiation levels for the remainder of January and February, and even into March for the south-eastern states.
Crops have already suffered damage due to sunburn and heat stress either because sunscreen was not applied or it was applied too late.
Surround® reduces crop damage
Surround® Crop Protectant reduces crop damage caused by sunburn and heat stress when used according to the product label.
Saturating visible light, high temperatures and UV radiation combine to cause sunburn damage. Surround reduces such damage by decreasing harmful light, temperature and UV levels at the fruit surface.
Surround is made from natural kaolin that is refined and specially processed to provide an optimum formulation for superior protection against sunburn and heat stress.
Unique production process
The production process for Surround is unique, and includes a modification step known as calcining, whereby the kaolin is heated to alter the crystal shape to a 3-dimensional, highly reflective structure.
Only Surround contains this calcined kaolin, and as the latest research data confirms, this ensures the product provides a superior level of radiation reflection compared to hydrous kaolin and calcium carbonate.
Apply early
But Surround must be applied early, before the heat event. Applying after extreme heat or even after spikes in temperature will not protect crops. So, apply Surround and apply early.

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