Another nasty: Oriental fruit fly (part 3)

Written by   Stephen Sexton

In China, there is a species of fruit fly with remarkably similar habits to Qfly. It is the Oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis (OFF).

Control of Oriental fruit fly (continued from last issue) 
In many ways, the methods used to control of OFF are similar to the methods used for Q fly.
Male annihilation
Male Oriental fruit flies are strongly attracted to the plant volatile methyl eugenol.
This powerful attractant makes monitoring for Oriental fruit flies relatively easy.
Male annihilation using this chemical is a useful management tool if used over a large enough area.
Killing the males means that females in the treated area do not mate and are held at stage 2. Of course, it does not impact on stage 3 mated females that might fly in.
Sinogreen in China markets an attract and kill paste containing this compound and some stage 2 female attractants and a small amount of insecticide.
Bugs for Bugs in Queensland have a male annihilation product for Q-fly.
(continued next month)

See this article in Tree Fruit May 2018

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