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New fall armyworm trap from Grochem

Growers and their advisers have a new weapon in the fight against fall armyworm, now that the APVMA has granted an emergency permit for the use of a pheromone trap and DDVP cubes to monitor for the pest.
Grochem Australia can supply the trapping system in accordance with the APVMA permit, giving growers an effective tool to monitor and detect the onset of pest activity before going ahead with an insecticide or biocontrol treatment.

New pheromone dispensers
The new pheromone dispensers are not only highly efficient, but they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, according to Grochem Australia general manager, Ben Coombe.
“These traps contain a new micro-encapsulated pheromone which is released on a regulated basis over a longer three-month period for greater efficiency,” he said.
“The pheromone mimics the substance produced by the female, attracting males into the traps where they are captured and controlled by BioTrap DDVP cubes.”
Recommended trap use
Grochem Australia recommends hanging the traps 1.5 metres above the crop at a density of 1–2 traps/ha, from seedling right through to harvest
The traps should be checked weekly, to provide an ample level of detection and decide on further control options.
Mr Coombe said this technique is selective and harmless for fauna, flora, users and residents.
Fall armyworm
Entomologists describe fall armyworm as a highly destructive pest which is known to feed on more than 350 different plant species, causing enormous losses.
First detected in northern Australia earlier this year, the adult pests can fly long distances and produce four to six generations per year, depending on the climate and latitude.
“We believe susceptible host crops in Australia are likely to include horticultural crops such as apples, peaches, grapes and oranges,” Mr Coombe said.
“Flowers and grasses may also be at risk.”
Trapping system
Grochem offers the full trapping system in a pack containing five bucket traps, Fall Armyworm pheromone and DDVP cubes to provide monitoring and control for six months.
The Frugiperda Pro Plus pheromone features a unique patented process for micro-encapsulating the pheromones, prolonging their rate of release in the field and increasing their shelf life for up to 2.5 years.
“This new technology not only gives the pheromones an extended release period of 10 to 12 weeks, but it also means they have a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature instead of under refrigeration,” Mr Coombe said.
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