Grochem has your pome and stone fruit covered

Written by   Grochem Australia

Grochem product highlights: Peregrine, Garrison Rapid, Grochem Dodine, Bee Scent (plus Stamina, Pearl).

Peregrine insecticide
Peregrine is a group 18 insecticide, the active is Methoxyfenozide which belongs to the Diacylhydrazine class of insecticides and has a novel mode of action.
The chemical operates primarily by ingestion but also with contact and ovicidal activity.
It does not have systemic or translaminar properties and consequently excellent spray coverage is essential for optimum effect.
Ideal in any IPM program
This insecticide targets lepidopterous insects and is therefore ideal in any IPM program.
Peregrine is non-toxic (oral and contact) to non-target insects—that includes predatory insects and bees.
It is classified as 'non-toxic' to bees and is rated low in mammalian toxicity.
The product is long lasting and has residual activity for up to 21 days.
Peregrine is registered for the control of light brown apple moth on apples and pears (pome fruit) and for the control of various other Lepidopteran pests of apples and pears.
Available in 5L and 10L packs.

Grochem Dodine—protectant fungicide
Dodine is a key protectant fungicide in the fight against blackspot in apples and pears, and leaf curl and blossom blight in peaches and nectarines.
Dodine should be part of an early season protectant spray program starting at pink bud in apples and white bud in pears; followed by another two applications 10–14 days apart.
Grochem Dodine should be rotated with a DMI such as Stamina (Myclobutanil) or Pearl (Penconazole) for the control of black spot in apples and pears, and Powdery mildew in apples.
Its unique EW formulation and double the strength of any other of penconazole in the Australian market, it gives growers a much more user-friendly product, giving better compatibilities.

Bee Scent—attracts bees to your crop
Pollination deficiencies occur frequently in difficult to pollinate crops, such as apples, pears, stone fruit and cherries.
Pollination is critical in producing yield and quality.
Bee Scent is a pheromone based enhancement product that aids in attracting bees to the target crop and away from other flowering species.
Bee Scent also has a foraging pheromone that will help with foraging capabilities of bees so they work harder.
Bee Scent is applied as part of a cover spray over flowering, it is compatible with most fungicides that are applied over flowering.
The end benefits to growers is the ease of use and optimum utilisation of the bees, giving better yields and quality for more marketable fruit and increased return on investment.

Garrison Rapid—pruning wound dressing
Orchard hygiene should be front of mind all year round to keep fungal spore numbers to a minimum.
When pruning it is important to protect fresh wounds with Garrison Rapid— a pruning wound dressing fungicide.
It contains two actives (Cyproconazole and Iodocarb) in the form of an elastic paint, which is resistant to cracking and provides superb rapid drying.
Garrison Rapid wound dressing seals and protects wounds against fungal infections such as silverleaf in apples, apricots, plums and peaches.

Garrison Rapid, Grochem Dodine, Stamina, Pearl, Bee Scent and Peregrine are all available from Grochem Australia.
Phone 1800 777 068
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