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With this year’s winter predicted to be unseasonably cold and long, now is the time to be thinking about protecting your crop.

The Tow and Blow Frost Fans are the ultimate solution to combat frost.
With the wind machines portability, they can be relocated quickly to protect different areas of your crop and adjusted to suit prevailing winds.
As these machines are portable, no council approval is required.
The Tow and Blow is unprecedented in the frost protection market, with the entire fan head oscillating horizontally, exponentially increasing the area that this machine protects.
The Tow and Blow is more efficient than conventional methods, using only 5 litres of diesel per hour.
Visit AIM Sales to see how we can help you make frost protection a breeze this winter!
AIM Sales also manufactures and distributes a range of aluminium picking ladders to pick, prune and thin a wide range of tree crops.

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